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Recently I found myself in a position where I needed to have a bit more control over Lab computers – more specifically, normal screen sharing is a bit useless in a coding lab, and I found that students often wanted to use laptops instead of existing lab solutions.

LabHelper is a solution that runs through some central server. The client and server are pretty small. It’s a bit messy, but should be fairly extensible.

LabHelper on GitHub

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Export Picasa 2 Albums to Folders

I recently needed to move some Picasa 2 albums from an old computer to a new one given only the old files and album files. I’d about had it with albums, so I wrote a Python script to convert .pal (Picasa albums) into regular folders.

It chokes on unicode, but dumps errors to a file for you to resolve them – just run this in a directory with your .pil files and it will create subfolders for each album and copy the pictures into them, as well. Use at your own risk.

from xml.dom.minidom import parse
import os.path
import shutil

PICTURESPATH = "C:\\Users\\User\\Documents\\oldcomp\\My Pictures"
ERRORS = open('errors.txt','w')

def populateFolder(albumName):
    global ERRORS
    doc = parse(albumName)
    title = [x for x in doc.getElementsByTagName("property") if x.getAttribute("name")=="name"]
    title = title[0].getAttribute("value")
    files = map(lambda x: x.childNodes[0].nodeValue, doc.getElementsByTagName("filename"))
    translated  = map(lambda x: os.path.expandvars(x).replace("$My Pictures",PICTURESPATH), files)
        ERRORS.write("Cant make directory " + title)
    for f in translated:
            shutil.copy(f, title + "/")
            ERRORS.write("Error in album %s: %s\n" % (title, f))

def main():
    fileList = filter(lambda x: ".pal" in x, os.listdir("."))
    for cFile in fileList:

if __name__=="__main__":

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multiftp – a Multi-Threaded Command-Line FTP Uploader


multiftp is a multi-threaded (multiprocess) command-line FTP uploader that allows easy recursive uploading of directories. It provides an easy way to schedule fast FTP uploads via batch scripts.


  • Easily script multithreaded FTP uploads
  • Works via multiprocessing to circumvent threading problems.
  • Automatic recursive uploads
  • Ideal for situations where you need to upload an entire folder in script (i.e. publishing a website via FTP).


Run -h for a help file.


  • Python 2.7.x+ (not currently Python 3 ready, but the changes are probably minimal)


The software is licensed under the MIT license, whose text can be viewed in the program source.


Get the code here.

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