multiftp – a Multi-Threaded Command-Line FTP Uploader


multiftp is a multi-threaded (multiprocess) command-line FTP uploader that allows easy recursive uploading of directories. It provides an easy way to schedule fast FTP uploads via batch scripts.


  • Easily script multithreaded FTP uploads
  • Works via multiprocessing to circumvent threading problems.
  • Automatic recursive uploads
  • Ideal for situations where you need to upload an entire folder in script (i.e. publishing a website via FTP).


Run -h for a help file.


  • Python 2.7.x+ (not currently Python 3 ready, but the changes are probably minimal)


The software is licensed under the MIT license, whose text can be viewed in the program source.


Get the code here.

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3 Responses to multiftp – a Multi-Threaded Command-Line FTP Uploader

  1. mostafa says:

    Dear sir,
    I have downloaded your ftp code but when I try to run it I get “ error: too few arguments” message.please help me to resolve this problem.I’ve typed -h and visited the help.

  2. Mostafa Eltejaee says:

    Very good.Excellent!

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